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Building Excel Dashboards in Under 15 Minutes

Top 5 Excel skills you should focus on to become a better analyst

0:00 - Introduction to the 5 skills 0:34 - Skill 5 - Data Types in Excel 2:39 - Skill 4 - Multi-Table Pivot or Power Pivot 5:30 - Skill 3 - Story-telling with better charts in Excel 8:02 - Skill 2 - Dynamic Arrays in Excel 10:08 - Honourable mention - LAMBDA Functions 10:35 - Skill 1 - Power Query 13:07 - How to get the 5 skills

Skill 4 - Multi-Table Pivot or Power Pivot

reaking News! We FINALLY get the Excel functions we've been Wanting!

Microsoft Excel team just announced brand new Excel functions (Dynamic array functions) that save us from writing complex Excel formulas. These new Excel functions are for EVERYONE! Excel beginners to advanced to Pro.
We get TEXTSPLIT to split text based on multiple delimiters (such as multiple spaces). We can grab the part of text before a delimiter with TEXTBEFORE and after a delimiter with TEXTAFTER.
We have TOROW and TOCOLS to combine data from multiple ranges into a single row or a single columns.
Together with the UNIQUE function you’ll be able to get a unique list of values from multiple columns.
We also get CHOOSECOLS and CHOOSEROWS to select which columns and rows from a range you want returned. A great use-case is to combine CHOOSECOLS with the FILTER function to return columns from different places.
WRAPCOLS and WRAPROWS allows you to take horizontal or vertical data and create multiple columns or multiple rows from it.
TAKE & DROP functions allows you pick which part of a table you want returned. You can keep the first top rows or the last rows. You could combine this with the SORT function to get the top results of your dataset.
Finally the EXPAND function allows you to expand a range to a certain number of columns or rows. This will come in handy to calculations that require multiple ranges to have the same size.

00:52 TOCOL Excel Function 01:24 TOROW 01:58 TEXTSPLIT Excel Function 02:40 TEXTBEFORE 03:19 TEXTAFTER 03:48 VSTACK Excel Function 04:32 HSTACK 04:56 WRAPROWS Excel Function 05:28 WRAPCOLS 05:44 TAKE Excel Function 06:56 DROP 07:19 CHOOSECOLS Excel Function 08:20 CHOOSEROWS 08:39 EXPAND

7 Things You're Doing WRONG in Excel

00:26 Creating External Links 02:45 Manually Adjusting Text in Cells 03:59 Merging Cells 06:52 Poor File Structure 07:48 Hiding Rows & Columns 10:08 Hardcoding Values in Formulas 12:03 Not Using Excel Tables

Excel for Accounting - 10 Excel Functions You NEED to KNOW!

00:15 AGGREGATE Function 03:16 Excel ROUND Function 04:40 EOMONTH Function 05:53 Excel EDATE Function 07:05 Excel WORKDAY Function 08:43 3D Formulas 10:17 SUMIFS / AVERAGEIFS / COUNTIFS 12:51 Excel IF Function 14:41 VLOOKUP Function 16:50 TRIM Function

5 Excel Functions YOU NEED in 2021 & 2022

00:32 SORT Function (SORTBY) 03:16 UNIQUE Function in Excel 05:41 XLOOKUP 07:43 FILTER Function 09:29 SEQUENCE Function in Excel

6 FREE Add-Ins for Excel to Start Using Now

00:00 Best FREE Excel Add-Ins 00:55 How to Install Add-Ins in Excel 01:45 QR4Office 02:47 Web Video Player 03:41 Visio Data Visualizer 07:16 People Graph 09:14 Mini Calendar and Date Picker 10:49 Bing Maps

03:41 Visio Data Visualizer

Advanced Pivot Table Techniques: Combine Data from Multiple Sheets in Excel

00:00 Create a PivotTable with from Multiple Tables 01:47 Using the Excel Data Model to Merge Data from Different Tables 02:47 Create Relationships between Different Excel Tables 05:10 Diagram View in Excel PowerPivot 06:00 Create a Pivot Table from the Excel Data Model

Advanced Pivot Table Techniques

00:30 Create a Pivot table 00:54 Adjust Pivot table Field List Settings 01:25 Create Multiple Pivot Reports With 1 Click 02:37 Drill Down in Pivot tables For Details 03:06 Add Data Bars to Pivot Tables 04:29 Create Calculated Fields 05:36 Calculate the Difference Between Columns 07:00 Smart Custom Number Formatting 08:15 Create Your Own Custom Groupings 09:23 How to Group Date Fields 10:17 Add A Timeline to Your Pivot Table

Najciekawsze szkolenia z Excela:

Excel IF Function with PARTIAL Text Match (IF with Wildcards)

Single Cell Spilled Reports with Dynamic Total Row & Formatting. Excel Magic Trick 1703.

LET function

How to Lock Cells in Excel to Protect your Formulas & Only Allow Input where Needed

Excel Filter Basics (for quick data analysis)

1. The shortcut key to turn filter on and off in Excel 2. How to do approximate matches (filter for words that contain a specific word) 3. How to filter multiple columns 4. How to filter for "or" conditions 5. How to copy a filtered range to another sheet 6. How to use formulas (such as subtotal) to sum a filtered range 7. How to filter for values between 2 dates 8. How to filter based on color 9. How to turn your data set into an Excel table (shortcut key) 10. How to add totals to your Excel table

Searchable Drop Down List in Excel (Very Easy with FILTER Function)

00:00 Searchable Data Validation in Excel without VBA 01:11 Searchable Drop-Down List with Excel Dynamic Arrays 02:53 Excel SEARCH function 04:56 Excel ISNUMBER function 05:18 Excel FILTER function 06:42 Excel UNIQUE function 07:05 Excel SORT function 07:16 Create Data validation list with Excel Spill Array 08:26 Excel FILTER function for Lookup 09:28 Using Official Excel Tables

Searchable Drop Down List in Excel (Very Easy with FILTER Function)

I already shared a video on how you can create a SEARCHABLE drop-down list in Excel. The solution was for a SINGLE row. But now we'll take this to the next level and replicate the searchable drop-down list (which is a simple Excel data validation list) to MULTIPLE Excel rows without VBA and without combo-boxes. We'll be using the new excel Dynamic array functions which are a part of Excel for Office 365. With these functions we can create a data validation list that suggests search results based on the user input. The match is made based on any part of the text - the beginning, middle or end.


10 *SURPRISING* Copy Paste Secrets for Excel PROs

00:25 - 10 - Copy paste data to charts 00:47 - 9 - Using CTRL to make copies 01:25 - 8 - Jiggle Copy 02:04 - 7 - Transposing formulas 03:26 - 6 - Clipboard in Office 04:26 - 5 - Multiplication copy 05:18 - 4 - Moving data without copy 05:52 - 3 - Replicate chart formatting alt+E S; 06:40 - 2 - Copy Pivot Connections 07:30 - 1 - Format Painter

Basics of SUMIFS & PivotTables for Monthly Sales Report. Excel Magic Trick 1701

Filter by rows and columns: Excel Formula for Any Version of Excel! Excel Magic Trick 1752

Advanced Array Formula: FILTER or SUMPRODUCT to Simulate a Relationship Between Two Tables! EMT 1748

Spilled Array Formulas Make Excel Life Easy. Compare Two Lists Extract Items Excel Magic Trick 1750

Insert a Colon using an Excel Formula. Convert Text Time to Time Value. EMT 1753

VLOOKUP or XLOOKUP for Currency Conversion in Excel Formula

Excel 2019 Power User Tutorial


Formatting Long Labels in Excel

Supply Chain KPI Service: OTIF, DIFOT, Fill Rate: Calculation & Formulas in Excel

Power Pivot Tables

Excel Dynamic Arrays

Liczby dla SAP'a - kropki jako separatory tysięcy [odc.854]

Zaokrąglanie do najbliższej wielokrotności ułamka, liczby, czasu [odc.896]

Liczby dla SAP'a - kropki jako separatory tysięcy [odc.854]

Sumowanie i liczenie dla przedziałów (dat i liczb) LICZ.WARUNKI, SUMA.WARUNKÓW [odc.894]

Liczby dla SAP'a - kropki jako separatory tysięcy [odc.854]

Wyszukiwanie dla przedziałów czasowych z duplikatami

Szybkie kopiowanie do pustych komórek w dół

57. Jak Fragmentator Steruje Tabelami Przestawnymi Opartymi na Różnych Źródłach za Pomocą Modelu